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Aboriginal Boats

Aboriginal Canoes were a significant advancement in canoe technology. Dugouts were stronger, faster, and more efficient than previous types of bark canoes. The Aboriginals' use of these canoes brought about many changes to both their hunting practices and society. The Australian Aboriginal people began using these canoes around the 17th century in coastal regions of Australia. As the popularity of dugouts grew their use quickly spread across the continent.

The wood used in the construction of dugout canoes was essential to its strength and durability. A wide variety of trees were used depending upon the location of a particular people, but in most cases the aboriginals used a type of sycamore. Sycamores are strong and extremely durable, making them suitable for use in the construction of dugout canoes.

With the strength to transport larger prey over longer distances, dugout enabled the Aboriginals to vastly expand their hunting grounds. This larger prey also enabled the Aboriginals to support a larger group of people over a longer period of time. This increase in the ability to support population led to both population growth and expansion.